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How to Select a Website Partner

White or wheat?

It would be great if choosing the right website partner for your staffing or recruiting firm was as simple as choosing the type of roll you want your sub made on.

It would be great; but decisions about your website are rarely that simple.

Most marketing firms do an excellent job selling themselves (they’re in the business, after all!). How can you move beyond the polished façade they project and evaluate whether their approach, solutions and ongoing services are right for your staffing firm or recruiting agency?

Here are a few factors and questions to consider when selecting a website partner:

  • Design. Does the firm offer sites:
    • Specifically designed to drive response from job seekers and employers?
    • That are responsive, displaying well on any device (i.e., desktop, mobile, tablet)?
    • With the tools, functionality and “look” you want?
    • That come in a wide range of customizable designs to suit your firm’s specialties, brand and budget?
  • Specialization. Is the marketing agency a “jack of all trades,” or do they have a deep understanding of the staffing industry? The ideal partner has experience developing sites for agencies like yours.
  • Content features. The best website partners custom-write content for staffing websites, and they offer features to continually add fresh content (i.e., educational, gently persuasive and entertaining information that’s relevant to your staffing firm) that boosts SEO, increases visitor engagement and drives response.
  • Payment options. When it comes to staffing websites, one size definitely does NOT fit all. Does the marketing firm offer a range of website solutions to achieve your goals and fit your marketing budget?
  • Once your site is developed, do you truly own it? A reputable agency allows you to take files with you and host your site elsewhere if needed.
  • Exceptional communication and service. If you’re paying for professional website development, you should receive a great service experience. The best marketing agencies employ support experts who are professional, responsive and friendly. When choosing a website partner, inquire about their communication practices, problem-solving methods and service processes, to ensure you’ll have a great experience and get the results you need – today AND tomorrow.
  • As you evaluate potential partners, learn more about their people. Choose an agency with a team of passionate, diverse, creative professionals (both visual and verbal) who are full of innovative ideas to tell your story and engage your audiences.
  • A track record of success. Great marketing agencies will provide you with case studies, examples of their work and professional references to prove their success in web development.


Choose a great partner. With a full complement of web design and development solutions, our amazing new All-Inclusive Website option, and a team of staffing industry veterans here to support you, Haley Marketing is the ideal website partner for your business.


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